Sanctuary Kusini Camp

Lodge location Southern Serengeti

The only permanent camp in the Serengeti's remote south.

The Serengeti is a beautiful and bountiful area that is home to herds, predators and the remarkable Sanctuary Kusini. Experience the plains like no other, and get the chance to help with the cheetah conservation within the area. Once you’ve enjoyed soaking up the sun, relax and unwind in your open-plan tent before the next adventure begins.

At a glance

Nearest airport

Nearest airport

Easy access through Serengeti South airstip.
Safari game drive

Game drives

Safari game drives are included.
Tented accommodation

Luxurious tented rooms

Just 12 tents in remote Southern Serengeti.
Spa wellness

Treat yourself

Indulge in a spa treatment (additional cost).

Stay connected

WiFi is available at Sanctuary Kusini Lodge.

A light breeze

Each room at Kusini has a fan.
Child friendly

Bring the family

Children aged 6 years and older are welcome.
Wildlife great migration

Great Migration

Prime migration location between December and April.
Special offer

Special offer

Save up to 30% when staying 4 nights.
Star gazing observatory

Star gazing

The camp manager will explore the skies with you.

Overlooking predator-populated plains year round

In the remote south of the Serengeti, you will find the Sanctuary Kusini, the only permanent camp that overlooks the predator populated plains. Throughout the calendar year, the game viewing from this remarkable location is unlike any other. The main lodge is set around a cluster of rocky outcrops, allowing you a front-row seat for the Great Migration. You will see game congregate on the grassy plains throughout the year. The charm of Sanctuary Kusini is due to its remote and private location within the park, where you will be able to have private game viewing not available at other locations.

The camps' communal areas include a lounge, library, dining area and campfire. Views over the rocky outcrops are sensational which create the perfect spots for sundowners and stargazing. The library that is filled with reference books where you can read of the day’s discoveries and experienced guides are on hand to fill you in of the local knowledge. So as not to intrude on the natural beauty of the Serengeti, the ibid is designed to have a minimal environmental impact across all areas.

With twelve open-plan en-suite tents at the Sanctuary Kusini, you will be shaded from the sun by the trees of the Serengeti and each tent extremely spacious. Amongst the woodland, every tent has beautiful views of the bush, allowing for daily game viewing at every angle. You will be safe from mosquitos with the tents featuring netting, plus enjoy normal amenities from hairdryers to an in-room safe. Each tent has a large private wooden veranda that has comfortable furnishings so that you can view the plains. Sit back and relax whilst you see zebras, buffalo and lions roam around the plains.

Activities at Sanctuary Kusini Safari Camp

Sanctuary Kusini is one of the best places in the Serengeti where you will see large predators like lions, cheetahs and even the elusive leopard that often lie on the kopjes near the camp. Between January and March, the wildebeest and zebra cover the plains for the great migration to give birth to their young. The treeless plains also provide the perfect habitat for cheetahs who call this area of the Serengeti their home. Head out with one of the experienced guides who know every inch of the territory around the camp. They will be able to take you to the places where buffalo, elephants, hyenas and giraffes frequent. Being the only permanent camp, you will have unobstructed views from the customised safari vehicles. Don’t forget to look to the skies as the birdlife is particularly good on the forest edge, home to woodpeckers and brightly coloured kingfishers.

Often visitors travel to Africa and the Serengeti to head out on safari trips, looking for wildlife and beauty. But there is one spectacular sight that is often forgotten, the African night sky which offers some of the best stargazing in the world. Sit upon a comfortable cushion on top of the main kopje or around the campfire as the camp manager uncovers the universe for you. You will embark on a walk through the stars, looking back millions of years through the beauty of the night sky. So enjoy this cosmic safari through the African sky.

Developed at Sanctuary Kusini is a unique activity where guests can contribute to the Serengeti Cheetah Project by monitoring the cheetah of the national park. Venture into the remote region with your expert guide in search of cheetahs. Learn about the cheetah’s habitat and be taught how to correctly identify and photograph any cheetah you spot and record on their location and behaviour. By contributing to the project you may be able to uncover new movement patterns and also aid in the development of the conservation programs. Guests have supplied valuable information on over 60 different cheetahs, with many that had been unseen for years.

Tripadvisor comments Sanctuary Kusini Safari Camp

We had a blast on the game drives and then returned to a welcome from the staff that was amazing. The tents are a bit rudimentary, but we expected that. The food, service and venue are exemplary! We were in the Serengeti during the migration, words/and or/ photos don't do it justice! Watching the sun set and rose from this location is amazing.

from Hilton Head, NC

From the champagne and snacks waiting for us when we were picked up at the airport, our "tent", the tasty food, and then the game viewing, there was nothing that could have been better. The game viewing was incredible, - thanks Joshua - finding two different cheetah families for us to watch one day, and then a third family and the big five the next (among many other animals and birds). The camp was quiet and comfortable - we had gazelle fighting outside our tent one day, and then warthogs and baboons the next. Food was fresh, varied and tasty - better than I would have expected in a hotel in the middle of a city, let alone one in the middle of nowhere like this is. Staff were all friendly and polite. Many thanks to Joshua, Moses and the team at Kusini for giving us such an incredible experience.

from Auckland, New Zealand